Find a Great Burberry Cologne for Women

Burberry reviews
like it
like it
I smell good!
This is a new signature scent for me. A very earthy and aromatic scent, perfect for fall/winter. A little goes a long way and I love it.
It’s a good cologne I just wish it lasted longer
It smelt the same as the description it’s a good smelling cologne
Patty Pooh
It smells so good, I love it…..when my sister come in my room she tells me how good I smell, and my husband loves it also❤️
Isn’t something i normally go for but ended up loving it!
Not for me
Smells good, just not my preferred scent.
Wasn’t my scent at all gave it away
Nice and light
I was not prepared to like this perfume but wanted to try it anyway. I'm so glad I did!!
I just don't reach for it
Of all the fragrances I have, I never reach for this one.
not my preference the Versace is much better

Burberry colognes for women

One of the most confusing things about wearing fragrance is whether or not a man or woman can wear perfume or cologne? And the answer is an automatic yes. Perfume and cologne are just traditional names for different styles of scent, and we all know that pure confidence is the sexiest scent of them all, so why limit yourself, ladies?

Ever since perfumery began, women have always helped themselves to the men’s side of the scented world, and completely rocked the cologne style. So, all you modern women out there who want a cologne of your own, but need some advice on how to slay gender-bending scents, try this:

Start with a line where the usual men’s/women’s styles aren’t overly exaggerated. Burberry is great for this - their profile in men’s cologne is subtle, but has the masculine energy to make a woman who wears a Burberry cologne come off as fearlessly unique.

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