Fragrance with Benefits
Co-founder and perfume creator Olivia Jan wants to bottle happiness with every fragrance she creates. She’s passionate about nature, travel and unlocking the secrets of essential oils. So when mosquitoes wouldn’t leave her alone, she used her expertise to create an innovative fragrance that would keep them away.

Olivia and her husband put NoMo to the test on getaways to the Hamptons, the Caribbean and tropical Asia. Soon they were bringing it with them everywhere. One lush weekend in Jamaica, Olivia met a friend of a friend named Corinne Gillespie. Corinne loved NoMo’s fragrance. Not easily impressed, she was amazed by how well it kept mosquitoes away.

As a market research expert, Corinne knew a great product when she saw it. She and Olivia joined forces to create Fragrance with Benefits, a new approach to fine perfumery.

Perfumer creator Olivia Jan hails from a small town in the Northeast of France. She studied at the prestigious ISIPCA perfume school in Versailles and perfected her craft at Chanel and at Robertet, as a senior perfumer. She brought her passion for fragrance to the United States 10 years ago and finds inspiration in her travels, fashion and art.

Brittany native Corinne Gillespie studied at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Brest, France, and specializes in customer insights for startup companies. She’s passionate about customer experience and likes to learn something new every day.

Koko Takeuchi imagined and created the visual design for the NOMO line. Native from Japan, Koko is a New York-based independent graphic designer and a creative director.