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Brûmée reviews
Beautiful Scent
Very girly scent. It's not overpowering and I could wear it everyday
Too overpowering
The fragrance had Too much pine. The fragrance was not in what I expected
Smells like a head shop
Smelled like I just left a head shop. Didnt pick up any hint of vanilla or cedarwood. And even though it says i had some likes with this one , i did not.
Off Note
The notes of the scent as deceived were so far off I thought, there must be some mistake. There’s no depth and didn’t work well with my chemistry. Fragrances are all about chemistry and each individual has a specific scent that works best for them. I’m a slice and this scent was more of a floral.
This version of cedar smells like mold. Yuck.
Very Nice Scent
Very light fragrance but it stands out when your wear it
Smells was ok, more like an incense than a perfume. Too unisex
Don’t like it or the texture
Not good
Brumee Review
It smells as described, but doesn’t last at all. Overall it’s ok.
Not my cup of tea or shall I say, tree?
This scent is straight woods. It's like you're in a forest and you have all of the scents. I maybe would've appreciated it with more floral undertones it just wasn't my cup of tea. The sage is pretty strong and the chamomile doesn't blend well in my opinion.
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