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Brûmée reviews
Not what I expected
It is okay, just not what I expected this time.
So good!
It smells even better than I thought it would. It is white, not clear. Which surprised me but it smells amazing! Doesn’t leave a residue, so the color is not anything to worry about! My roommate even said I smell fantastic when I’ve been wearing it!
The smell was very bad
It went straight into the trash.🤢
It was not what I expected
Perfect for fall!
Sweet and woodsy, with an end note that is somewhat spicy.
It was stink
It was horrible i spray it twice i still have a full vile
Not For Me
I honestly don't know what to tell you besides I put it on and just didn't care for the way it smelled on me. My stepmom likes it and so does my best friend. Just one of those perfumes that smells great in the bottle and not so great on me.
Couldn’t give it away
This did not smell nice all. I had two friends that tried it and the both hated it.
I did not like this perfume at all yuck
Too woodsy
Felt it was a bit too evening woodsy. Will be great in December through February
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