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Bon Parfumeur reviews
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just eeeh
not bad just didnt love it
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Just not my scent!
I liked the scent but it’s just not my preference! It reminded me too much of men’s cologne
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Opening was offensive but the dry down smelled amazing
Rated3on the scale of0to5
The sent notes changed
The first day I did a test spray on a piece of paper, the fragrance was light but strong , the second day when I actually used the fragrance the sent smell like baby powder. Basically the “after sent “ isn’t pleasant .
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Bon parfumeur
Not overpowering. Makes me feel like it's summer all the time. Fits in with my likes.
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Soooo good
I absolutely adore this perfume! Probably my favorite I've been sent and definitely my husband's favorite. It's strong, woodsy, and a bit spicy. You can recognize the notes easily. Highly recommend this one.
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Once the perfume was on for a bit, it was a subtle sexy scent!
Once the perfume was on for a bit, it was a subtle sexy scent!
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Grandma smell
Quite offensive frangrance, definitely not for the office. Very old fashioned too, very grandma like.
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Nursing home realness.
I should have lisented to other reviews that said not to get this scent but I wanted to try it for myself. I love rose scents so this one seemed like it would be good for me. I was so wrong. It's powdery in texture once sprayed and has a spicyness to it I wasn't expecting. It smells like a 90 year old nursing home woman named Edna Mae. I had to shower to get it off me after an hour of wear. Even in the shower it took a good scrub to wash it off, it clung to me like a 90 day fiancee. Avoid if you don't wanna smell like you're on a trip away from the home. 💔
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Ew ew ew
Not for me at all 🤮 it’s very. Well I don’t know. Just down right over powering and AWFUL!
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