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Woody Perfumes To Celebrate Thanksgiving


Woody Perfumes To Celebrate Thanksgiving

The hedonist in me cannot help but make the “accusatory” olfactory connection between Thanksgiving and the irresistible matrimony of smell and taste.

The smell and taste of the crusty vanilla bourbon pecan pie and the coziness of the crackling fire, the warmth inducing fall-flavored sangria, dark rich chocolate and L-tryptophan induced sleepiness.

Thanksgiving is indeed a matrimony of smell and taste, and as we know, as much as 75% of what we perceive as taste sensation is actually due to our sense of smell.

And since I want to enhance your Thanksgiving experience (without offending the designated chef of the day), I have compiled a few woody themed perfumes which will awake your taste buds.

Spicy Thanksgiving perfumes were tackled yesterday, so in case you missed the post, here is the link.

Woody Themed Olfactory Celebration of Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving distilled: for the lovers of woody notes, the essence of the thankful holiday is the concoction of cedar, sandalwood, incense in the air and the burning log in the fireplace.


An incredibly fresh green injection of the great outdoors, of woods, warmth and autumn leaves. A strong and unique scent that can never be labeled as neutral.

The woody base of oakmoss and patchouli notes smells like a winding forest path illuminated by a tired fall sun: the messenger of days filled with search for warmth and comfort, which you will find on the Thanksgiving table.


It is a woodsy scent with gourmand floral overlay, the perfect setting for Thanksgiving. It is a warm and neutral fragrance that blends into the background but still give you a beautiful and comforting accessory, the much needed thing in the Thanksgiving family gathering induced craziness.


Standing out in a room full of people and mixing mouthwatering aromas is a hard task, but never a mission impossible, especially with the King of Sophistication, Burberry.

Body opens with lush and lavish flora notes and addictive absinthe, but soon develops into a sensual woody finish of sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla blend that will keep you in the center of the attention, for a good reason.

  1. Neyon

    Aromatic Elixir just sounds gorgeous: the ultimate inhalation of a crisp & golden autumn day!

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