Wonders of Burberry Fragrance House5 min read

09/24/2015 5 min read

Wonders of Burberry Fragrance House5 min read

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Synonym for the 156 years old English tradition, consistency in quality and traditional fashion that leads the trends two years ahead, Burberry is so much more than a luxurious brand.

Burberry is the only way to buy style and timeless elegance.

It all began with the “simple” trench coat, which now proudly wears the label iconic next to its name

It all started in 1856, with the making of jacket of impermeable material in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

These jackets were worn by Roald Amundsen on his conquest of the North Pole, and Ernest Shackleton’s expedition across Antarctica, but the real breakthrough occurred when the Burberry house was entrusted with creating military coat during the World War II.

However, the global fashion frenzy over the trench coat happened in 1961, when Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s flaunted the famous interior tartan pattern coat.

In addition to their luxurious, stylish high end collection pieces and accessories, Burberry announced a domination in the olfactory sector, which began in 1981, with the launching of the first designer Burberry fragrance, Burberry for Men.

Since then, this House has introduced 81 perfumes for both women and men, pushing the boundaries of luxury and offering this olfactory nectar to the lovers of perfumes all around the globe.

Scentbird currently offers 13 fragrances adorned with the Burberry fashion stamp:


Burberry for Men EDT by BURBERRY:1

Cologne oozing British style and elegance. Designed to be sophisticated. Designed to be adored.

Burberry Man is envisioned as a stylish winner, who likes to walk around the town, respects tradition, but lives firmly in the modern world. Fresh and sensual fragrance made in the spirit of minimalism, simple and elegant.

Burberry Brit Rhythm EDT by BURBERRY:2

Sexy and thrilling fragrance ready to accompany you on a race around the world, or the everyday race called life.

Fresh and provocative, this cologne won’t let you fly under the radar.

Burberry London EDT by BURBERRY:3

The olfactory sidekick of every gentleman, with notes just as good as good manners. A perfume showing that chivalry is not a lost art.

Burberry Touch for Men EDT by BURBERRY:4

The male version of Touch is elegantly simple just in the English manner, restrained, beautiful and masculine. Artemisia and violet leaves are dotted with fresh mandarin in the opening. Elegant heart is consisted of serene and strong notes of noble cedar with nutmeg and white pepper. The base is musky-balsamic: vetiver, white musk and Tonka beans.

Burberry Brit for Men EDT by BURBERRY:5

Burberry Brit for Men is spontaneous elegance, an attempt to show the scent of modern British spirit with a strong link with tradition. A cologne that accurately conveys the spirit and philosophy of this Burberry brand: the seriousness and irony, a classic that turns casual.

The freshness of citrus (green mandarin and bergamot) and cold spicy notes in the beginning (ginger and cardamom) morph into warm masculine heart of nutmeg and cedar with an elegant touch of wild roses. Sensual oriental trail includes the noble exotic trees, gray amber, Tonka bean and patchouli.

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women by BURBERRY:6

Deeply rebellious and equally romantic, Burberry woman is restless spirit yearning for Mr. Darcy, the one who will show her the world as a big adventure. She is in love with smoky eyes look and combines elegant dress with biker jacket. Her favorite accessory is her dreamy eyes.

Burberry Summer by BURBERRY:7

A fresh, summer interpretation of the classic and elegant Burberry perfume. It exudes bright and intense colors borrowed from fashion Burberry spring / summer 2013 collection.

Burberry Summer for Women begins with citrus aroma and juicy pomegranate which bring freshness to the composition. The heart is dominantly floral with freesia, lily of the valley and rose, wrapped in warm and sensual woody notes and musk.

London by BURBERRY:8

This fragrance is simply necessary during a visit to London to feel the pulse of this ancient and modern city. Just like the city itself, this perfume combines seemingly incompatible yearning for modern traditionalism: elegant yet hipster, sophisticated yet a bit quirky. The must have perfume for the IT girl.

Body by BURBERRY:9

“Burberry Body is the most exciting product that we have ever launched, capturing the spirit of the brand today, in striking and sensual way” – says Christopher Bailey, the creative director of the brand.

Burberry Body is a luxury chypre – fruity composition that begins with notes of fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia. Rose and iris are in the heart, leaning against the base of sandalwood, cashmere musk, amber and vanilla.

My Burberry by BURBERRY:10

A highly versatile perfume that can be worn anytime, anywhere. It warrants elegance, sophistication with just the right dose of mischief, which are so common for the British tradition and culture.

Body Rose by BURBERRY11

Over the years Burberry has spoiled us by offering numerous fragrances catering to our every olfactory whim, however they have raised the stakes to another level with the introduction of Body Rose.

This is a perfume that celebrates the first birthday of Body perfume in all of its glory.

Burberry Brit EDT by BURBERRY:12

A masterpiece of perfumery: sexy, playful and daring, just like a woman should be in this fast moving 21st century.

A perfume with equal doses of curiosity, forbidden affairs and sexiness.

Brit Sheer by BURBERRY:13

Unique, sophisticated and girly: Brit Sheer is a ray of sunshine in every girly girl’s life. Fresh, mellow and well behaved, loves kissing your skin and enveloping you in pure luxury.

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