White Line’s fragrant trilogy ends with Vert Reseda, a luscious scent of galbanum, peony, and gardenia, imbued with a strong green element, reminiscent of the scent that lingers in the air after a rain.

Unlike its olfactory siblings, Vert Reseda is easy on the floral theme, championing scents of sandalwood, black currant and wild peony, which give the perfume a mild, earthy musk tone.

The blooms of the Reseda flower are capturing the pureness and the smell of meadow, rounding up the scents of rich nature in one very innovative perfume bottle.

Although White Line is marketed as shared fragrance line, which needs to cater to the olfactory needs of both genders, I personally do not know many men who would like to wear floral scent. And that is perfectly ok, because White Line is the most luxurious floral line that goes easy on the floral part.

If I had to grade the floralness of each of the perfumes in the White Line, I would say that Milieu Rosa is the most floral of them all, then comesย Vert Reseda, just because despite all the greenness I can still sense the sophistication of the peony, and I would recommend Efflora to all of the members of the stronger sex who are interested in trying something new and luxurious from this niche brand.

The perfumer behind this luxurious line isย Jean Claude Delville.ย