Move over kale — matcha is here. While superfood fads come and go, the benefits of matcha tea have been well known in Japan for millennia. Better latte (get it?) than never, we figure, for wellness companies to tap the powers offered by this powerhouse green, including jitter-free energy, a boost in metabolism, and helping with focus among many other benefits. We’re so excited that the delicious, highly nutritious matcha craze has landed on Scentbird’s wellness shelves, and these are the two matcha-fueled products we’re currently loving. 

Matcha Bears

Loved for matcha’s ability to enhance focus, increase energy and boost metabolism, the Matcha Bears brand has developed a more convenient way for people to enjoy the superfood powers of matcha green tea. Though they look like your favorite movie theater snack, Matcha Bears actually provide major nutritional value and an amazing flavor. No guilt trip here. 

Matcha Golde Turmeric Tonic

Meet Golde’s mix and matcha. The Brooklyn-based wellness brand is relying on the powers of not one but two powerful superfoods, turmeric and matcha green tea to improve immunity, gut health and metabolism. The inflammation-balancing blend is also a gentle source of caffeine, so you can enjoy the energy kick sans the jitters and crash that coffee can sometimes cause.

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