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Pucker Up: Scentbird’s Guide To Hydrated Lips3 min read

04/23/2018 2 min read

Pucker Up: Scentbird’s Guide To Hydrated Lips3 min read

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When you’re lathering on SPF this summer or exfoliating dry, beachy skin, don’t forget to spend a little time on your lips. So often, we’ve blamed winter for our dry, chapped pout, but those hot, hot summer days under the sun can be more damaging all-over. Here, we give you the inside scoop on refreshed, rehydrated summer lips.

Exfoliate :  Sweeten Up

The first step to beautiful lips is exfoliation. A good scrub helps remove dead skin cells, releases toxins and allows the lips to breathe.

To make a DIY lip scrub, mix one tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of brown sugar. Try not to taste it (good luck!) and  gently,massage in circular motions on the lips for five minutes.

Once the exfoliation is complete, the skin on your lips will be able to absorb beneficial properties of lip balm quicker, faster and more efficiently.

Hydrate: Balm It Up

Sahara-dry lips, be gone. Keep chapped lips at bay with an infusion of moisture in the form of Scentbird’s Melting Lip Balm  equipped with almond, coconut and shea butter oil as well as Vitamins A & E, our balms rejuvenate and shield skin against free radicals. None of our balms contain parabens or sulfates, and we never test on animals.

A cooling metal applicator helps ease on the balm, allowing it to coat your lips and sink in for instant, intense hydration. The metal applicator has been a fan favorite thus far (it feels amazing, and improves precision), but we also think you’ll love the top notes. Unlike all of our other products, the lip balms are composed of one key note – Raw Honey, Modern Rose, Green Tea and PInk Champagne – so as not to overwhelm the senses – especially when you’re wearing all day into night.

For more on our melting lip balm collection, visit:

Quench: Drink It Up

Due to their thin epidermis, our lips need even more hydration than our skin. If you want  ace glowing skin and sexy lips, always grab an extra glass of water. Drinking more water can help boost your skin’s overall hydration levels, so you can kiss cracked lips goodbye.

Our Melting Lip Balm is part of the Scentbird Subscription – subscribers receive reduced pricing. Tell us what you think on Instagram @Scentbird.  

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