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#TrendingOnScentbird – The reviews are in, here are our top-rated perfumes you need to wear in February 20182 min read

02/07/2018 2 min read

#TrendingOnScentbird – The reviews are in, here are our top-rated perfumes you need to wear in February 20182 min read

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Now that we’re one week into February and counting down to spring, we’re charting the trendiest fragrances on our site to help you lift your winter mood and channel positivity until the new season appears.

Blushing by Norell

The long-awaited third release by the iconic fashion house Norell – aptly named Blushing – is centered upon the tantalizing Damask rose. Norell distills over 500 individual Damask rose petals for each bottle of Blushing. So it’s safe to say there’s not a rosier note out there!

A layer of jasmine and orange flower blend with the rose accord to create a floral hedonism, while sandalwood and birch give the fragrance rich woody warmth in the dry-down.

Brit Sheer by Burberry

A light and feminine scent, Brit Sheer toys around with English sophistication and mischief. The perfume mingles with the scent of each wearer in a unique and surprising way. The concept of Sheer plays to this veil of fragrance.

This mixture of lean-in-closer lychee, citrusy yuzu and luscious pineapple leaf is so addictive, it might just  become your new scent crush throughout spring.

Coach by Coach

If velvety sweet perfumes make you smile, this joyous blend of raspberry, rose and suede notes will surely have you beaming all day.

The scent opens with a bright juiciness, and then reveals a floral heart of Turkish rose and gardenia, which perfectly contrasts with notes of pink pepper.

The decadent base notes ground this aromatic scent, with the help of suede and luminous musk. Refreshing plus romantic equals the perfect answer to spring.


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