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Top 3 Cologne Recommendations for May 20173 min read

05/02/2017 3 min read
spring colognes

Top 3 Cologne Recommendations for May 20173 min read

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May, blazing sun and good spirits make for a good time for a new cologne. Even men who have been faithful to one and the same scent for ages should take advantage of the warmth and enter the fragrance playfield. May is that month of the year where we spend more time outdoors, fragrance is better absorbed, skin is on fuller display and compliments are simply flying your way.

So celebrate the fact that sun is now working overtime by popping a bottle. A cologne bottle, that is, containing one or all of the these three fresh and energizing colognes.

Solare by Vince Camuto

A pure energy and bliss in a bottle, this fresh mix of citrus, provocative spices, and warm musk/ woody accents is capable to one up your office as well as after-hours style.

Known and loved for its versatility and warm, come-closer-I-smell-amazing appeal, Solare should be every man’s fragrance spring staple. If you have never tried Solare, you have never experienced citrus in all of its glory.

spring colognes

Bentley for Men Azure by Bentley

After mastering the field of crafting only the finest automobiles on planet Earth, Bentley has decided to expand its craftsmanship and lend some creativity in the field of perfumery.

Bentley for Men Azure is an addictive, laidback scent that is as easy to wear as it is stylish. Pineapple, violet leaf, and tangerine notes are fortified with Bentley’s signature for sophistication: a base of tea, cashmere wood, tonka bean and orcanox molecule, yielding a light, fresh, elegant fragrance for a perfect spring, also perfect for spring.

spring colognes

Reflection Man by Amouage

The online based fume-heads and fragrance aficionados will probably tell you to steer clear from woody fragrances during the warm months. And they are probably right, if they are talking about office and hanging out colognes.

But when it comes to date nights in May, light woody fragrances are the norm. Or to rephrase it: Reflection Man by Amouage is the norm.

Picture the beauty of the night-blossoming jasmine paired with the vibrant neroli spread on a base of sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver and cedar, and you have the essence of Reflection Man fragrance. In this artistically olfactive palette of notes you are the creator of your style. And with Reflection Man on your neck and wrists, you’re halfway there.

spring colognes

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