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Top 3 Floral Scents for Spring 20203 min read

03/13/2020 3 min read

Top 3 Floral Scents for Spring 20203 min read

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We’ve had a taste of the spring sunshine (hopefully there’s more to come), and it inspired us to swap out the rich, bold fragrances for light, floral scents. Effortlessly walking the line between chic and elegant, these are the three perfumes you’ll find in our Scentbird cases, April queues and pulse points:

PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace Ballet Rose


With rose as the ringmaster of the floral show and white musk as the closing act, plus the medley of peony, litchy and woodsy notes, Amazing Grace Ballet Rose oozes Bohemian chic vibes. It’s so addictive, we predict you’ll be wearing it ‘till next spring. 

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ROOM 1015 Hollyrose

Translated into musical score, Room 1015’s Hollyrose is a rock ballad. The pairing of leather and rose is iconic but spun in a new fashion that feels decidedly unique and fresh. Blackcurrant and orchid are there to tame the passion between the lead notes, which makes the perfume utterly romantic.

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KATE SPADE NEW YORK in full bloom

Kate Spade’s elegant scent is described by the house as an unapologetically feminine blend of rose, lemon, peach and lotus flower, a scented invitation to live in full bloom. For us, it’s a scent that longs to mingle on a bare skin for an all day delight. 

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