Your spirit is flying high, your outfit has the perfect bohemian vibe, you have the tickets in your pocket, yet you still feel like you’re missing something… your scent.

Sound & Scent Go Hand in Hand

There’s a reason perfume and music are both made of notes.

Music notes, and perfume notes make you move, dance and have confidence in yourself.

Romance Summer Blossom EDT by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Romance Summer Blossom EDT is utterly fresh, positive, think pink, joyous and alluring perfume.

One sniff of this perfume and you can officially announce the inception of your summer romance.

Romance with music, romance with yourself and romance with someone you fancy. You still fall in love.

Why This is Festival Appropriate Perfume?

I really love this perfume as a festival perfume choice, since it’s so neutral. While you are being sandwiched between thousands of cathartic music fans, you will not suffocate them with your choice of perfume. However, people will still notice your fresh aura.

It will be a musically playful essence of music, laughter, bass and notes of mandarin,  guava, jasmine petals, coconut water and soft vanilla.