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The Luxurious Brand To Get On Your Radar: Tumi3 min read

07/13/2020 2 min read

The Luxurious Brand To Get On Your Radar: Tumi3 min read

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In these crazy, crazy times we all need good news to breathe some excitement into our lives. And we’ve got just the one for the day – Tumi, the iconic brand known for luxurious travel bags has landed on Scentbird with not one, but two quintessentially fresh colognes. Check out all the deets and the highlights from the drop below.

Founded in 1975 by former Peace Corp volunteer Charlie Clifford, it took only a few years before Tumi emerged as a leading design company in the luggage industry and forever changed the game with their groundbreaking ballistic nylon. Already mastering the craft of finest travel bags, they’re now conquering the field of fragrance-making. All with the intention of shaking up the cologne game and bringing a much-needed dose of coolness to its classic profile. The proof?

Exhibit A: Awaken

Cedarwood and patchouli are certainly not your average dewy notes, but this cologne by Tumi has a refined fresh quality that’s undeniably tempting. As it evolves from citrusy to aromatic to woody, you’ll get an exquisite medley of bergamot, on top of clary sage and all the warmth of patchouli, olibanum and cedarwood. Wear this on a first date, and you’ll be guaranteed many more to follow.

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Exhibit B: Unwind

Aquatic notes, lemon and ginger feel airy and bashful at first whiff in this ah-mazing creation, until they are accompanied by sandalwood and sage. At that moment the composition takes on a very sensual tone, elevating the crispy fresh appeal up a few notches.

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