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Supercharged Vitamin C Skincare for Your Skin


Supercharged Vitamin C Skincare for Your Skin

If a brighter, smoother, more radiant complexion is what you’re after, consider vitamin C a light switch for your face. In addition to imparting a lit-from-within glow, the ultra-mighty antioxidant also fights signs of premature aging, helps with dehydration, dark spots and activates collagen production. Actually, there isn’t much that vitamin C can’t do, so we compiled a list of our favorite vitamin C-charged products to try now on

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Dark circles, begone:  CLARK’S BOTANICALS Anti-Puff eye cream is the gold standard for brightening under eye shadows and re-firming delicate, baggy skin. Thanks to caffeinated cocktail of vitamins A, C and E, the skin’s texture is smooth and wrinkle free. 

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SCENTBIRD Citrine Brightening Peel-Off Mask

Want radiant, brighter skin now? This peel-off mask blends turmeric, vitamin C and crushed citrine crystals to transform dull skin and reduce the appearance of imperfections, leaving you with a glowing, luminous complexion after each use.

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CODE OF HARMONY Rebel-C Antioxidant

Now here is a skincare rebel with a cause. Its not so secret weapon? A combo of powerful, yet gentle dose of Vitamin C, pure CBD, ferulic acid, and melatonin. The serum improves texture and clarity, as well as perks up skin and protects it from environmental elements that cause premature ageing.

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GOLDE Lucuma Bright Instant Exfoliating Face Mask

Only if it’s good enough to eat, it’s good enough to be applied on your skin, says Golde. Their exfoliating mask is infused with superfruits like lucuma, papaya, and vitamin C-rich sea buckthorn berry to exfoliate the skin, reduce the look of dark spots and reveal a youthful glow. Bonus point: it smells like a delicious tropical smoothie. 

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ALPYN BEAUTY PlantGenuis Survival Serum

Vitamin C, bearberry leaf and licorice root extract plus wild actives pack a punch in Alpyn Beauty’s offering. Together this combination works to reduce hyperpigmentation, promote cell turnover and protect skin against free radical damage. 

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PURLISSE  Green Tea + Vitamin C Sheet Mask

Infused with plenty of botanical goodness, this hero mask soothes, smooths and nourishes while combating free radicals to enhance the skin’s natural texture. Green Tea helps improve elasticity while Vitamin C brightens, for a healthy, radiant complexion.

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