For a crash course on how to combine your fave bath & body essentials to build unique scent profiles, take a look at our skincare cocktails! Editor’s note: because our products are richly fragranced, you might find that these scent duos are all you need to smell incredible for hours! Happy blending…

Try Mango & Kiwi Melting Shower Scrub

One of our most popular pampering products, this super juicy scent sensation is totally tropical and super hydrating.  Scrubby Argan particles plus sugar crystals buff away dead skin cells, making your skin feel crazy soft.

WEAR WITH: Pineapple & White Amber Hand Cream

Enriched with sumptuous pineapple fruit extract, as well as a blend of vitamin E and apricot oil, this hand cream is designed to nourish and moisturize dry hands. Plus it’s got a fresh, subtle pineapple-meets-warm-amber scent that sticks with you all day.

You’ll love the combination because:

Delicious mango and kiwi paired with pineapple is a scent no-brainer. Amber adds a bit of depth and smoothness. Basically this pair will smell fresh and vibrant…and feel the same way, too.

Try Earl Grey & Blackberry Foaming Shower Cream

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: What does Earl Grey smell like, you ask? Smooth, and warm with subtle traces of bergamot. Then, there’s the berries. This one is a Scentbird fave, as it works well for men and women.  When we were creating the bubbly lather on this one, we were only too happy to try it out…then try it again. It’s dreamy and relaxed, and works for every-day use.

WEAR WITH: White Tea & Fig Hand Cream

Apply this our White Tea & Fig  hand cream to damp skin right after your shower. The tea extracts naturally complement each other, as do the sweet fig and slightly tart blackberries. Our hand cream formula is super lightweight, so you might want to use it everywhere. We get it (we won’t judge).

You’ll love the combination because:

This is perfect pair for those who prefer smooth, earthy scents with a splash of juiciness

Try Yuzu & Ginger Gentle Exfoliating Wash

Our citrusy wash offers an oh-so gentle scrub to clean, hydrate and boost skin.The jojoba pearls burst on contact with the skin, soap up nicely and smell brilliant.  

WEAR WITH: Cucumber & Lotus Hand Cream

Apply a small amount of this cream on your hands right after you wash them. Silky but never greasy,  our Cucumber & Lotus potion is the top-smelling scent. That’s because the notes offer a calming blend of dewy, crisp cucumber and serene lotus blossom  that’s luxe, light and invigorating.

You’ll love the combination because:

Yuzu is a zingy little citrus star, and ginger is it’s zesty BFF; when these aromas meet refreshing cucumber it’s a well-balanced scent blend that breathes on the skin.

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