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Skincare Steals For Summer4 min read

07/13/2018 3 min read

Skincare Steals For Summer4 min read

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There’s no time to slack on your skincare routine – especially not in summer. We’ve rounded up our top picks in bath, body and beauty on site now. Take a peek, updated your queue and ride out this hot, hot, hot heatwave feeling fresh.

Kiwi & Mango Melting Shower Scrub

This lush little  scrub boasts Argan scrub particles and sugar crystals to gently buff away dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve the skin’s texture. But our favorite part is the smell – and texture – of creamy mango butter,  that slides on and leaves the skin feeling like silk.

The smell is intoxicating…fresh mango and tart kiwi blending together in a fruit cocktail sipped in sunshine.

PRO TIP: Massage in circular motions upwards to plump skin and give it a natural, healthy boost.

Coconut & Sugar Nourishing Sugar Scrub

A sweet treat for the senses, our Coconut and Sugar combo offers  spa-like exfoliation levels, thanks ground coconut shells. This is your I-need-something-serious-to-banish-my-beach-skin scrub. We’ve loaded this one with soothing oils too, so removes dry areas and pampers skin all at once.

PRO-TIP: Apply to dry or wet skin and massage in for two to three minutes to allow the scrub to work its magic.

Pineapple & White Amber Scented Candle

Our Pineapple & White Amber candle  is rich, tropical and warm, It’s a fruity splash of goodness that works for any seasons (though we’re kind of obsessed with it right now, tbh).

PRO TIP: Pair this candle with a relaxing bath for the perfect peaceful escape after a long work day.

Tropical Escape makeup palette by DECK OF SCARLET

Escape to the tropics with Deck of Scarlet’s latest edition. Transport your look to sandy beaches with exotic hues of Bora Bora, a sizzling aquamarine shimmer and Bronzed, a metallic brown that builds a sultry gaze. Lovesick adds just the right amount of flush pink across the cheeks, while gold-tinged Roxstar highlights all your best angles. Get ultra-luxe lips, using Deck of Scarlet’s creamy matte formula – perfect for layering on all day and into the night. Stripped down, turned up – kind of like being naked, only better (we promise).

Feeling Peachy makeup palette by DECK OF SCARLET

Time to play! Put a little flirty fun up your sleeve with this hand of vibrant, perked-up pinks and airy pops of peach. Lips kissed in Majesty are seductive without coming on too strong while eyes are Feeling Peachy, with a devil-may-care flair. Any way you wear them, these carefully curated, high-impact shades mix and match to effortlessly express your most optimistic attitude. Recommended for brunch with the girls, fizzed with endless pink champagne. Are you coming?

Did you know you can try these super pigmented makeup palettes, designed with Youtube stars, as part of your Scentbird subscription? At $14.95/month, that’s a mega-steal.  

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