Revamp Your Holiday Wellness Routine with Scentbird4 min read

12/12/2019 3 min read

Revamp Your Holiday Wellness Routine with Scentbird4 min read

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If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your wellness game, the search ends here. Skip the holiday madness, light some candles (you’ll love our new arrivals at Scentbrd.com), run the bath and feel the stresses of the day melt away thanks to our curated mix of wellness products. Sound ideal? You bet!

TEAMI Greens Superfood Powder

Holidays are the time of the year when all your plans to eat healthy go on the back burner. And with all the parties, shopping and plans (so many plans) it can be very time-consuming. Teami has designed a product with 16 superfoods, green nutrients like matcha powder, wheatgrass, spirulina, to help get your daily intake of veggies, promote natural energy levels, support regular digestion and overall well-being!  It’s like getting a big bowl of broccoli, spinach, acai berry and all the other good stuff in just one scoop. To get all the nutrients, just mix it with water, or you can add it to your smoothie, juice or favorite choice of beverage. Rock on!

PURSOMA Digital Detox Bath Soak

Soaking in a hot bath is one of life’s great pleasures; checking emails and stressing about all the things on your to do list is not, so we say turn off the phone and pour the entire content of Pursoma Digital Detox bag into the hot bathwater. The mix of French green clay and pure sea salt crystals will draw out impurities and eliminate toxins, relaxing you to the max, so you can enjoy life’s simplest moments. 


A blend of six healthy magic mushrooms swirled with vanilla and cinnamon, this tincture will be your tea’s BFF. Or, you can take straight into your mouth, it tastes soooo good.  The mushrooms like lion’s mane, reishi, shiitake, maitake, cordyceps, and chaga are renowned for their ability to normalize and optimize body system functionality in a subtle, natural way. The alchemist process includes tincturing mushrooms for a full moon cycle, making it a magic mushroom blend in more than one way. 

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