foto tirada pra universidade

Scents are perpetual sources of inspiration. F For Fascinating by Salvatore Ferragamo is nothing short of this notion.

Floral, woody, and chipper, F For Fascinating perfume’s notes range from jasmine to mandarin orange to patchouli.

The rattan basket on her bike is filled with flowers and a French baguette. Her hair is braided in a messy way, still wet from the shower she took not so long ago. She nibbles the end of the baguette and savors the scent of the flowers.

She does not wear any makeup at all, yet people find her citrusy scent intoxicating.

She lives in a studio apartment and is very picky about who enters…except for shoes. She thinks of shoes as little stray kittens. There is always a room for one more.

She loves the liberty of non-attachment.

She does not own a TV, but she never turns off her music. She listens to Billie Holiday and lusts for the rich stories that fill the air.1408323426044

She prefers fine dry wine to coffee and earrings to necklaces.

She is fabulous, but no, she does not know it. The only thing that the mirror is telling her is that she is fascinating.

A fascinating friend, fascinating woman, fascinating appearance.

And I am glad I have it right next to me, on my vanity!