For Her in Color isย a girl that soaks in the world in its full spectrum of colors.

Her style is office chic. She wears politically/fashionably correct pencil skirt, and she spices it up with a flirtatious attitude and killer heels. Yes, she follows the rules, but in her own path.

On lunch-break, when other people buy bagels, she buys begonias. When other people give roses, she gives books: they last forever, just like love.

She is incredibly gorgeous, spellbinding, and deeply sensual.

She designs hearts and skyscrapersโ€ฆ Or saves lives. Or makes music.

She always loves.

She thinks. She giggles. She writes novels and plays– but creating the soundtrack has always been her favorite part.

She is sensual. Smart. A bit shy. And very much in love!

Narciso Rodriguez For Her in Color is a soft, warm, gorgeous f.loral fragrance, which doesn’t overwhelm the wearer, but throws the crowd in ecstasy with its scented sophistication.

Notes: rose, peach, amber, musk, sandalwood, patchouli.

Style: Flirty, Soft, Sensuous