Perfume of the Day

Perfume of the Day: L`Eau Ambree by Prada


Perfume of the Day: L`Eau Ambree by Prada

Prada L`Eau Ambree Perfume Review

L`Eau Ambree woman has an artistic string and a practical vision. She is gentle, discreet, elegant. She is the secret keeper, the modern fairy godmother with a killer style and a compassion instead of a magic wand.

She knows that modern life is a fairy tale, she knows because she sees happily ever after endings and encounters bad wolves on every corner she turns. Her heart desires fashion runways, scented poetries bottled in perfect glass bottles, Pablo Neruda’s poems and kind spirits.

She devours books and appreciates food. She combines fashion pieces with meaningful acts of kindness: an enormous smile on her face.

She loves her world and never complains if there is no place under the sun for her: suntan is absolutely overrated.

L`Eau Ambree woman is the ultimate nemesis of bad mood, bad music and meaningless words. So, if you want to bedazzle her, you will need something stronger than a love potion and charm concoction…

Prada’s L`Eau Ambree perfume is a modern interpretation of amber, of soft and sweet notes, of a scented yin-yang, the perfect balance between the warm amber, zesty citrus, and sweet vanilla.

Notes: Rose De Mai And Amber, Vanilla, Citron, Opoponax, Patchouli.

Style: A perfume that angels wear when they are on a special mission!

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