gucci glorious mandarin

She sits at the table and feels the weight of all eyes on her. She knows she is the very heart of this assemblage, and the company’s ebullience reminds her of the texture of this sophisticated champagne they are all drinking tonight. Confidence radiates from every inch of her body, because she knows her worth. Her energy consumes her small universe in which she is a supernova, a once in a lifetime experience. She is not the leader of the pack, she is the master of herself only. She finds life thrilling, and it is a mutual feeling.

Now this is how Gucci’s Flora- Glorious Mandarin will make you feel: Celebrated, Attractive and Effervescently Energetic

Notes: Mandarin, Pina Colada Accord, Jasmine, Creamy Wood, White Musk.

Style: Sprightly fresh perfume with unexpected twist of sensual maturity!