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Our New Fave New Brand is Live: Meet Confessions Of A Rebel



Our New Fave New Brand is Live: Meet Confessions Of A Rebel

Here at the Scentbird HQ, we’re all about absolutely incredible fragrances – and bonus points if they’re unisex, too. We don’t abide by strict gender distinctions, because we know what we like. Enter: Confessions Of A Rebel, a New York-based brand that prefers to eskew traditional marketing – and labels – in favor of evocative fragrances (what we like to think of as putting their money where their nose is).  

Embracing the dualities of telling all and playing it close the chest, the brand’s emerging scent portfolio captures distinct moments, easy to recognize in our social media-infused lives.

For instance, Get A Room is a racy little scent, “made for skin on skin,” according to its creators. A kiss of mandarin is sweetened with juicy apple – the forbidden fruit (of course!) – and layered with water hyacinth. At the heart of the scent, smooth blonde woods get stripped down and blended with clary sage oil, cultivated in France. The overall effect is something a little salty, yet  totally seductive. At the base of the fragrance, is a deliriously delicious scent of liquid vanilla and caramelized praline – incredibly irresistible in every way.

Looking for something a little more masculine? Inspired by those late, late nights downtown, About Last Night is a bold exclamation of scent that reveals new aspects as it breathes on the skin. A cocktail of sparkling bergamot, spicy pink pepper and red grapefruit bubbles to the surface. It reminds us of midnight and beyond: intoxicating white cedar and powdery vetiver, sustainably harvested in Haiti. Cold-pressed mandarin oil reveals a mix of effervescent citrus and energetic spicy ingredients that last from dusk till dawn.

Confessions Of A Rebel is all about stories: of fragrances and their ingredients. The team travels far and wide, harvesting, re-planting and cultivating the finest nature has to offer in Mauritius, France, Haiti and more. The brand prefers to source from smallholder farmers whenever possible.

Definitely one to watch, Confessions Of A Rebel offers a refreshing aromatic explosion that will work well on her or him. Try our new Fragrances of the Month and let us know what you think on Instagram @Scentbird.


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