Typically, fall fragrances denote warm, cozy scents – kind of like  a cashmere cardigan for the senses: spicy nutmeg, oriental vanilla, warm amber or sensual musks. But if you’re looking to defy the weather and inject springtime into your routine,  we’d suggest Giulietta, by TOCCA.

Giulietta Masina and Federico Fellini’s love story was the inspiration behind Giulietta, TOCCA’s most romantic scent yet.

An ultra-feminine fragrance, Giulietta by TOCCA transports you to the island of Corsica, where the love story between Giulietta and Federico began.

Inspiring great passion and artwork, according to the brand, Giulietta  paints an intriguing floral escape. Sweet top notes of ylang ylang, green apple and pink tulips bloom into a floral bouquet of lily of the valley, vanilla orchid and lilac. This irresistible scent lingers beautifully on the skin.

Fresh, translucent, floral and easy to wear and fall in love with, Giulietta sets the mood for romantic daydreaming.

Infused with TOCCA’s signature sense of wanderlust, Giulietta is an ode to femininity and freedom; it’s the perfume you’ll save for all those special occasions in your life…


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