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New Brand to Know: Kensie3 min read

03/25/2021 3 min read

New Brand to Know: Kensie3 min read

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Birdies, we’d like you to meet Kensie. Categorized by an unrestrained approach to femininity and a timidless nod to originality, Kensie fragrances veil your senses with a sophisticated charm. Famed for their modern and feminine clothing line which offers a diverse mix of trends, Kensie bottles the same fearless spirit in each of the scents.

We currently carry three scents of the Kensie fragrance line, with the hope of completing the collection in the upcoming months.



Boasting an undeniable luscious mix of mandarin, vanilla, and a lush floral bouquet, the Kensie eau de parfum offers a rebellious twist on a classic scent profile. At the heart of this beautifully concocted juice is a floral centerpiece with oakmoss, supported by a heavenly base of wood notes, and sweetened with tonka beans. Youthful, unbashful, and brazen, it makes for the perfect feminine spritz.

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So Pretty


The fragrant signature of any self-assured woman, So Pretty is the adjective that perfectly sums both the scent and its wearer. An ode to all of life’s pleasures, zesty citrus fruits and apple peel are complemented with the smooth caress of floral petals and wood accords for a sensual finish.

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Loving Life


A scent that’s raw and demure at the same time, Loving Life evokes the image of a woman that politely takes over the world. Bursting with life, it owes its zesty edge to juicy berries and ripe fruits before unleashing a breathtaking floral heart grounded by musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, and tonka bean.

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