For those of you just new to this line: Catherine Malandrino makes some of the most luxurious, elegant, and delicious perfumes we have in our entire catalog.  The notes are always deep and full, almost to the point where you can taste them. Her perfumes are like wearing an invisible velvet cloak that’s hand-dyed and saturated with rich, vibrant colors.  

And Luxe de Venise continues this luxurious tradition with smooth, juicy apricot and shimmering, zesty grapefruit notes that immediately enliven your senses and grab your attention.  

The texture of a Catherine Malandrino fragrance is another wonderful reason to get into what this line is doing.  The apricots in this perfume are almost like the real thing, and the grapefruit note is lively and acidic enough to make you instantly thirsty.  The top notes in Luxe de Venise are absolutely delicious.

But they’re just a yummy introduction to the jasmine, plush roses and surprise! fresh raspberries floating up from the floral heart.  There are many fragrances that rely on the classic floral combination of rose and jasmine, and to have a burst of sweet, juicy raspberries pop up is an original and unexpected treat in this perfume.  

The dry down of crushed geranium leaves layered over a delectably smoky amber note provides a cool and spicy contrast to finish this fragrance.  Catharine Malandrino’s line always has something up its sleeve, and her perfumes are as long-lasting as they are richly-textured and saturated with deep, hypnotic scents.  If you’ve never heard of this designer, you owe it to yourself to experience just how luxurious perfume can be in the right hands. Luxe de Venise is a must-try perfume from one of the most romantic fragrance houses going right now.


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