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Light up your mood with these 3 scented candles4 min read

10/04/2019 2 min read

Light up your mood with these 3 scented candles4 min read

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The most ideal can’t-go-wrong gift to treat yourself and possibly your nearest and dearest? A scented candle. They smell amazing, light up your home and mood instantly, so what’s not to love? This season we’re backing these three scented candles to achieve whatever vibe we’re into at the moment. 

Earl Grey & Blackberry

Smells like: lazy Sundays in bed. The notes of blackberry, tea and raspberry are warm and lush yet so soft and inviting. To call it pampering would be an understatement. 

Siberian Fir & Cedarwood

Smells like: the great outdoors after a rainfall, when the air is heavy with woody accords, mountain dew and crisp fir scent. Cedarwood, fir and resinous notes will transform any room into a luxurious cabin in the woods. 

White Tea & Fig


Smells like: sipping chai under the most fragrant fig tree. Тhis candle combines amber, fig and Russian tea for a playful, juicy and comforting scent that’s ideal for when the days start to turn cold. 

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