L' Homme Libre EDT by Yves Saint Laurent

Imagine a cologne that cheats you of all possible expectations, raising the performance bar so high, it is impossible for other fragrances to compete with. Gentlemen, meet L’ Homme Libre EDT by Yves Saint Laurent.

Ladies, while I am all for fragrant liberty and equality, this is the one cologne that you want to test from a man’s perspective.

Many people assume that to find the perfect cologne, it is necessary to spend hours at the perfumery, while the SA pushes the”newest” and “hottest” fragrances your way.

Well, yes, sometimes that is true. Take for example 12 Lacha by Odin cologne. It is as exotic as mysterious cologne that usually requires a direct recommendation  in order to be discovered.

But, there are other ways to discover “the one” cologne from the comfort of your home.

For this purpose, all you need to do is give yourself to the power of the words.

A respectable sibling to YSL’s L’Homme line, L’ Homme Libre EDT  had to deal with an enormous weight of expectations, which the cologne surpasses them all, with a single note.

Imagine a cologne that opens with star anise, basil, and bergamot. And you say, “sure, another citrusy open, how original”. But what you didn’t count on is the inclusion of the violet leaf.

This single note cheats you of all possible expectations, teaching you that when you let down your guard, other possibilities emerge.

The cologne is the perfect equilibrium of woodsy, spicy and fresh notes, but the high quality energetic violet leaf note colors them apart, each category with a sliver lining of its own.

L’ Homme Libre EDT by Yves Saint Laurent fragrance for men notes

Top notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Violet Leaves, Basil, Star Anise;

Middle notes: Nutmeg, Pink Pepper;

Base notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Leathery Accords.

The most prominent notes are violet leaves, pink pepper and basil, while its projection and longevity are strong and the sillage is moderate.