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Introducing Your New Favorite Cologne Line, Roja Parfums4 min read

12/19/2019 3 min read

Introducing Your New Favorite Cologne Line, Roja Parfums4 min read

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If you have yet to get acquainted with Roja Parfums, there’s no time like the present (meaning, before next month’s order ships) for you to be formally introduced to the range. The brainchild of perfumer Roja Dove, the British label takes special care in crafting each scent, sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world to include in each cologne — a handful of which have landed on, ready for you to discover. 

Keep reading to find out what each scent smells like, and add them to your queue now to experience them for yourself. 


So named for the final resting place of heroes in Greek mythology, the rich vetiver, ambergris, and leather blend can be considered the stuff of legends. 


Certainly not for the faint of heart, this daring blend of lemon, lavender, and spicy tarragon is sure to get your pulse racing, while the vanilla and jasmine elements play a balancing act with bold cedarwood and patchouli.


What’s in a name? Would a heady mix of cognac, tobacco, leather, and vanilla by any other name smell so dynamic? Probably, but the Enigma moniker definitely emphasizes the point. 


No need to indulge in risky business to turn some heads — this lively mix spearmint, lavender, lemon, tonka bean, and rhubarb do that all on its own.


Vibrant, versatile, and sure to be the life of the party, the hero note of vetiver is simultaneously fresh and warm, while accents of cedar and oak moss add an earthy dimension. 

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