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Happy ❤️ Day, Everyday2 min read

02/14/2020 2 min read

Happy ❤️ Day, Everyday2 min read

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The chances are slim, but in case you’ve forgotten, today is Valentine’s Day. This year here at Scentbird HQ we’re celebrating love in all forms-BFFs, friends-with-benefits, Galentines, the love of your life, and most important, self-love. 

We’re of the mindset that a simple verbal declaration of (self)love feels better than any chocolate or fancy bouquet you could get or gift this holiday. Embrace whatever mood you’re in, and make it special this February 14th. 

May this day and every other day be filled with love, understanding, and absolutely wonderful, smushy feelz!

Let LOVE rule,

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the Scentbird HQ

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