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Gourmand Colognes You’ll ❤️ In The Scorching Heat


Gourmand Colognes You’ll ❤️ In The Scorching Heat

Looking for a cologne that is quintessentially sexy? The subtly sweet, gourmand notes like caramel, cinnamon, heady Mexican vanilla and dark chocolate are one upped with these 4 colognes that pick up on the best aspects of the season ahead:

ACQUA DI PARMA Arancia di Capri

With a fresh, slightly sweet and aromatic character, this fragrance proves to be downright irresistible. By successfully balancing effervescent citrus medley cut with notes of cardamom, caramel and cloud-soft musk, Arancia di Capri is sophisticated and sultry in equal measure.

Definitely worth a spray. Or two. Or four!

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Rich and reassuring, 1969 is dangerously close to becoming that one fragrance that comes to your mind or pops on your search feed as soon as you place the words moreish and cologne together.  Mixing spices and cheerful rose note is the safe way to be greeted by a manly cologne, however by adding patchouli, dark chocolate and coffee, you get an unexpectedly evocative cologne that will help you see off the cold season in the sexiest way possible.

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VALENTINO Valentino Uomo

If you were on the hunt for a woody cologne with a nutty kick, call off the search party immediately. 

Valentino Uomo mixes hazelnut with dark chocolate and leather to offer a dark, bold yet sensual touch that never goes out of style. Hazelnut notes are far from the regular perfumery notes assigned to classically tantalizing scents, making for the scent’s unique profile. If we somehow forgot to mention that the cologne is abso-f***amazing, we rectify that here and now!

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ARQUISTE Anima Dulcis

Warm spicy with a sweet accord and definitely, definitely alluring, this is the go-to cologne when you want an injection of confidence. 

Defined by an extraordinary alliance between savory paprika and cacao, the added sweetness of vanilla is balanced by cinnamon that lends sophistication and warmth to the scent.  

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John Varvatos by John Varvatos

Plum and fig are certainly tantalizing notes, so we can say that this cologne by John Varvatos has a refined quality that’s undeniably tempting. As it evolves from dry to aromatic to woody, you’ll get an exquisite medley of leather, on top of cedarwood and all the heat of cinnamon. Wear this on a first date, and you’ll be guaranteed many more to follow.

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