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Give one, Get one Referral1 min read

07/16/2015 < 1 min read


Give one, Get one Referral1 min read

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imageExciting news lovelies! Scentbird has this wonderful new referral program that screams…. you guessed it,  free perfume! All you have to do is invite your friends and have them subscribe to Scentbird, and voila, you and your friends will receive a free month of perfume!

It’s super simple- just share the link and you’re good to go. With Scentbird’s easy sharing features, you can tweet, post on Facebook and email all your friends all at once, which means perfume galore for you! Happy sharing!




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    Trying to get my free sample

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    Kari Anne Barling

    Im new to scentbird, love my first perfume: Bright Crystal Versace

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