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The Fragrance of the Future Has Landed at Scentbird


The Fragrance of the Future Has Landed at Scentbird

As a heritage brand, Acqua di Parma has always presented the Italian living through notes that are classically Italian. However, at the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and those unprecedented times, the brand took their mission, their motto, and philosophy to a whole new level: One that was driven by sustainability and the urge to protect that Italian living.

Colonia Futura

And so, they created a fragrance that stands as a symbol of the company’s quest to protect the environment from which the ingredients that make those fragrances come from. 

Colonia Futura

An emblem of the new future unfolding at Acqua di Parma, Colonia Futura Eau de Cologne is a declaration of love for nature. A vibrant concoction of natural ingredients, this is a scent that celebrates life. Sure, we look at Colonia Futura as a composition in whole, however each one of these ingredients that make that whole has a solo performance that shines light on its essence and origin. 

The fragrance opens with bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon, as thrilling and unique as a ride down to Amalfi coast. The heart is aromatic and a touch of spicy, with lavender and clary sage. The base is all about the earthy and masculine vetiver, rounding out this exquisite fragrance on just the right note. And the cherry on top: Colonia Futura is created with 99% natural origin ingredients.

For Acqua di Parma being sustainable means being committed to preserving the Art of Italian Living just as it has always done throughout its history. Since its early beginnings, the Maison has acted ethically with integrity and transparency, and now, with Colonia Futura, it expresses its desire to give a structure and systemic approach to its practices of sustainability. To protect and share, alive and intact, to future generations that Art of Living deeply rooted in the heritage of Italian art, nature and culture.

A note from the brand. 

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