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Cologne of the Month, October 2019: Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy3 min read

09/18/2019 2 min read
Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy

Cologne of the Month, October 2019: Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy3 min read

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Not too strong, won’t enter a room before you do, but not too faint — just right. Between the notes of sharp, icy clary sage, woody balsam, and rich cedarwood, we’d say that Kenneth Cole’s new Mankind Legacy scent falls into the Golidlocks zone of colognes that impart the perfect amount of intensity on contact with your skin. They’re hard to find, but when you do come across one, we’d advise you to hold tight to them as they’re poised to become regulars in your rotating collection.

Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy

The scent opens with a burst of citrus and fresh green notes, courtesy of clary sage and mandarin oil, and as your skin warms to the cologne, heady, spicy elements like nutmeg and pink pepper start to come through. Rich cedarwood grounds the scent, while a green twist of rosemary keeps it from veering too heavy. 

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