Cinco De Mayo Party Scents 2020


Cinco De Mayo Party Scents 2020

A spritz for a special occasion like Cinco de Mayo calls for something a little out of the ordinary, and right here we have the winning picks:

Remarkable People by Etat Libre D’Orange

Remarkable People By Etat Libre Dorange

Feeling bubbly? It’s probably the effervescent champagne note in Remarkable People mingling with spicy cardamom. Grapefruit opens the concoction and sandalwood wraps it nicely with an olfactive bow at the end, but when this marvel of the French avant-garde perfume house Etat Libre D’Orange hits your nostrils, you will feel yourself transported to the back room of Versailles on a Marie Antoinette’s party. In a word: AMAZING.

To add this Cinco de Mayo party scent to your queue, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/etat-libre-dorange-remarkable-people

Muskethanol by Aether

Muskethanol 100Ml

By fusing damascenone (a chemical compound found in grapes and nearly all wines) with floral musks, Aether’s fizzy fragrance smells like a powerhouse wine with a squeeze of plum. Ambroxan adds depth, while woody notes help to anchor this effervescent fragrance.

Bold, dramatic with a sweet undertone, Muskethanol is the obvious choice for a boozy scent that will intoxicate your senses, garner tons of compliments, but won’t induce a hangover.

To add this Cinco de Mayo party scent to your queue, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/aether-muskethanol

The Architects Club by Arquiste

The Architects Club Eau De Parfum

The Architects Club’s smoky vanilla fragrance is a true olfactory gem. Opening with a chilled cocktail of juniper berries on a dry gin base, the scent matures with every new note added to the mix. The crispness is revealed by the presence of lemon peel oil and the bitter orange in the heart of the composition. The gourmand woody base of vanilla absolute, amber and woody notes adds just the right amount of sensuality to the scent.

To add this Cinco de Mayo party scent to your queue, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/arquiste-the-architects-club

Romance de Provence by Catherine Malandrino

Romance De Provence By Catherine Malandrino

This is a beloved scent from Catherine Malandrino, a unique take on a fragrance profile we looove, with plenty of caramel, vanilla and pear notes. This is as sophisticated as you can get in a gourmand – every note is deeply infused into the fragrance, with astounding longevity and a three-dimensional vividness. Have your cake and eat it, too!

To add this Cinco de Mayo party scent to your queue, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/catherine-malandrino-romance-de-provence

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