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Take Me to Beach: Vanille Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Vanille Extreme By Comptoire De Sud Pacifique

Take Me to Beach: Vanille Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I come from a well-renowned vast family of perfumes, but please, I am anything but ordinary.

There is nothing more I like than accompanying my beloved owner on a day spent at the beach.

Vanille ExtremeI am Vanille Extreme.

She reaches for me just before she is ready to head out the door. One spritz, and her mood is elevated.

She sprays a bit of me behind her ears, on the inside of her hat and her hair endings. Since the mercury’s rising, she has been careful not to spray me on exposed skin, as she knows this is a summer perfume faux pas.

I often catch her talking about me with her friends, saying how my scent reminds her of the perfect getaway, of sweet cocktails, of coconut scent-laden sunscreens and visions of private islands.

Sweet yet addictive, my olfactory notes range from vanilla to milk, dazzled with iced sugar and heliotrope.

You’d probably get a whiff of me as I was carelessly speeding by you, clinging onto my owner’s neck, while she riding her charming bike in the middle of summer.

I get along perfectly with her boho-style caftan, old brown leather sandals and relaxed style.

Her hair is always brushed into one of those hastily yet smoothly done amazing low buns, and she doesn’t wear much makeup at all.

She has a standing reservation at her favorite café, and she makes sure I accompany her at their kiss-and-tell rounds.

Yes, I am the it perfume of Summer 2017, but I keep all my flair for my owner only.

And I must add, thanks to Scentbird and my petite, convenient, travel size, I travel everywhere where my owner goes!


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