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Saving the Best Deals for Last: Cyber Monday3 min read

11/30/2020 2 min read

Saving the Best Deals for Last: Cyber Monday3 min read

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Missed out on our Black Friday deals? Not to worry, because Cyber Monday has arrived. So if you’re shopping for Christmas early or just want to treat yourself, here’s your chance. 

Only today, NEW SCENTBIRD SUBSCRIBERS will receive the second month of their Scentbird monthly subscription FREE after paying for the first month. To get the offer, click here:

Already a subscriber? Score a FULL bottle of our bestselling Confessions of a Rebel fragrances for $75 each. Confessions of a Rebel is a brand that puts you in the driver’s seat from start to finish, allowing our users to have a say in every part of the production process — from the notes used in each scent, to the name of the final fragrance. The result? Fragrances that actually reflect and speak to you.

Shop F*ck Mondays here:

Shop Get a Room here:

Shop About Last Night here:

Shop Almost Single here:

Shop Bitch Please here:

Have a full ‘nice list’? Cross everyone off that list with our gift sets. Give them a gift that just makes scents 24/7 with our carefully curated gift sets, priced just right at $39 each. To shop women fragrance sets, click here: For men, follow this link here:

Head on over to Instagram @Scentbird to check out the Confessions of a Rebel scents and gift sets our Scentbird tribe loves wearing during the holidays.

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    Caroljean Frank

    I got the 3$ promo code deal and got a full sized product. It enabled me to not deeply invest but try a new fancy name brand scent. I love it.

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