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Berdoues reviews
Love it
Love it
This is a beautiful, fresh scent. I could only wish for it to last longer.
This one for me doesn't last long in fragrance intensity.
it smells like im in the forest. i dont like the firest but i like the smell so 👍
Add a little spice…
This one is growing on me although it is a little too powdery.
Strong and powdery
I really dislike powdery, musty scents and this perfume is exactly that. It has some really nice top notes, but is too heavy and cloying for my preferences. It's definitely a more mature scent, rather than what I would describe as a fresh and youthful scent.
Very lemon-y
It smells very citrusy. I expected it to warm up into an earthier, tea-like smell (sorta like Bath & Bodyworks London Tea scent), but it never really did. This scent is nice, but clean/citrusy through and through.
Wonderful makes me want to go on vacation!
Loved it I will be buying the full bottle!
A very light cherry blossom
Cherry Blossom is all I smell with this particular scent. No jasmine, patchouli, or shiso comes out to me just a bomb of cherry blossom that's not overly sweet or pungent. This scent is not sweet to me at all and it didn't really capture the floral part of the actual blossom itself so it's not too flowery either. This is a pretty yet simple cherry blossom scent. It reminds me a lot of the one from L'Occitane or at least the L'Occitane cherry blossom soap that they include during the Mother's Day gift sets, so if you like that smell you'll definitely like this perfume.
Loved this perfume! Hoping to get the full size!
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