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A beautiful, subtle scent.
While this perfume isn't particularly long lasting (4-5 hours), it well outlasted my expectations. It's a soft, gentle scent that smells like you're wandering through a fragrant garden where it's warm and comfortable, and you're surrounded by sweet smelling flowers. I adore this scent, and it reminds me a little bit of the old Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume that I used to adore from one spot locally. It's a good scent for when you really just need a little bit of zen in a hectic day (or life).
was not for me
This scent just wasn't my favorite
Very interesting
Complex and interesting. Will be a nice fall/winter scent
Light & Floral
Scent is light and floral, but does not last very long
Beautiful and Light
This perfume smells amazing, and it's not overbearing -- which can be nauseating. Love this!
Well balanced
I was worried that the vanilla would overpower the other scents, but it did not. It had a great balance. Not too sweet and not too floral. I wish the scent lasted longer on the skin than it did on the clothes.
Just doesn't last long enough to even be able to smell it
Citrus and tea
Smells exactly like the description! Very summery.
It smells good!! Citrusy and fruity!
just way to strong for me!
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