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Balenciaga reviews
I wear this a lot
This and rosabotanica are 2 of my favorite perfumes of all time. Floral with a hint of spice.
Very floral
It's a very flowery scent, I hoped the mint would come through a bit more. It's also a bit heavy/musky. It's not bad though, I was just expecting something different, I guess.
so nice
I love it!
Nice scent but didn't last long
Really liked this smell kinda floral but musky. would def buy the lager bottle!
Geart smell. Tricia had it on for homecoming dance.
Smells wonderful at first, dries down to really good. Nice floral, almost a bit too powdery for me at the end though.
Nom nom!!!!!!
I don't LOVE it.. It is an ok scent. It's definitely a fall/winter scent. It is florally but has masculine undertones.
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