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Badgley Mischka reviews
the scent
Smelled like rubbing alcohol, absolutely hated it. Would like another scent or a refund. Gave me a headache right away.
Sweet Bloom
Too floral and sweet
I love the romantic, flirty, floral scent. It's exactly what I like.
Good for male or female
This scent got me compliments about how this is what they think of when they rhink of me
Smells amazing
Everyone I came into contact with loved the smell
I didn’t know what to expect, but boy oh boy did it deliver I got so many compliments on how good I smelled. People actually would stop to tell me I smelled amazing. Add this to your que for sure it’s so worth it !
It was a wonderful long lasting scent!
Very Lovely <3
I dont really understand how to 'read the notes' lol But I do know for certain that it is very lovely. I cant afford a full bottle but if I could...I would :-D
Liked this one
It was was really nice
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