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A pretty scent
I think it's mild enough that it can be worn daily. The best way I could describe it, is it's soft and pretty. Like something I would wear to work... (inside the courtroom for me) No matter what your age is, I think it's one of those perfumes that anyone can wear. I like it.
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To light
Not a strong enough scent for me
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It smells like, well, tulips!
If I smelled this on someone walking down the street, I would never have been able to place the scent of a tulip, but that’s exactly what Extraordinary Tulip smells like. There’s a nice complexity to it from the ivy and amber, but it isn't overwhelmingly fancy or fussy. I gave 4 stars only because it isn't quite my cup of tea (I’m a woods and spices lover!), but if you prefer florals, this unique scent might be something you’d fall in love with. Great everyday or office scent.
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just not for me
while this scent isn't overpowering, it just isn't one that I like. Most of the suggestions from Scent bird are spot on, but this one? Not so much.
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No what I expected
Didn’t like the scent
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My fav shared scent ! Every time I use spray myself, I search out my husband b/c it smells so great on him too. On him it’s a more clean/fresh - crisp - less sweet scent... sorta like a field full of greenery and hints of floral, fresh cut greens and sooo much more including a tease of aquatic. (Definitely not a traditional masculine scent but nonetheless blends with his body chemistry so well it draws me in) Like magic, on myself this is somehow more floral and sweet. It’s one that is wondrously full of different scents but depending on my mood, certain scents come more to mind! It’s magically delightful and adaptive!
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Not for me
Didn’t like
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I really like it!
Like others have mentioned when first spayed I'm not a huge fan, but wait a minute and it smells so good!
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Extraordinary Tulip
I absolutely love this fragrance!
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