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9 Reasons To Sign Up To Scentbird

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Are you someone who loves fragrance, but has a hard time finding a scent worth saving up for? Or maybe you know what you like, but you get sick of it long before you’ve finished the bottle? Full-sized fragrances usually come with the hefty price tag of a luxury item, and often go to waste, despite our best intentions. Luckily, Scentbird has found the solution to your fragrance dilemas.

  1. Fragrance can be expensive, Scentbird isn’t

    Subscribers receive a new fragrance every month for just $14.95⁄month. You can upgrade to get up to three products per month, so you can try more, and spend less.

  2. You get to choose

    Unlike most subscription services, Scentbird let’s you decide which fragrances you want to try — without restrictions. So, if you want to smell designer-fresh, go right ahead, or if you want to be the first try the edgiest indie labels, that works, too!

  3. It’s a smarter way to discover new scents

    Think of every fragrance you have ever wanted to smell, use, own… with Scentbird, you have access to all of them in one place.

  4. Luxury brand partners

    Scentbird works with top fragrance companies, including Kate Spade, Acqua di Parma, Elizabeth & James, and philosophy among others, to secure 100% authentic perfumes and colognes. There’s 450+ designer and niche brands to choose from each month.

  5. All the fragrance you need, every month

    Let’s be honest, it’s hard to make up your mind with those teeny tiny perfume samples you get in stores. Scentbird sends you a 30-day supply (each 8ml atomizer is filled with about 120 sprays of fragrance, which is enough for four sprays/day for 30 days, about the size of rollerball for half the price).

  6. Editors love it

    Glamour, Business Insider, InStyle, Forbes, Refinery29, InStyle, Fashionista and more all rave about Scentbird’s easy-to-use platform as well the all-new bath, body and home fragrance products.

  7. Bring your fragrance with you wherever you go

    Scentbird’s sleek, refillable atomizers are small enough to toss in your bag — female or male — and take with you everywhere. Now, there’s no excuse not to smell great 24⁄7.

  8. Community love

    Checkout the millions (seriously, millions) of reviews, written by more than 200,000 subscribers to find your perfect scent matches. Fragrance-lovers leave useful recommendations about every product so you can get an outside opinion, too.

  9. Scentbird offers bath, body and home fragrance products, too

    Smelling great begins at home, that’s why Scentbird has created a collection of products designed to be mixed and matched to keep you smelling amazing from morning to night.

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