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Arquiste reviews
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Smells like the mall
It was certainly citrusy and woody. It wasn't bad, but it doesn't really have a distinctive or memorable smell. It's not a clean smelling citrus, so I think that ages it a bit as well.
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I'm in luv
this stuff smell so good, It felt like a new me
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Love the clean fresh notes that have a bit of a twist. Definitely a keeper
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love EL
Perfectly smooth, deep and woody elegance, worked amazingly well with my chemistry.
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Definitely a Treat
At nearly $200 for a full bottle, I would love to add this to my permanent collection, but that is going to be more of a celebration purchase.
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Better call this “El/Elle.” This is extremely feminine.
I don’t even understand how someone could make this flowery French perfume with men in mind. I ordered this, wore it, received tons of compliments and only when I came here to give it a glowing review did I see it’s geared toward men! I’m one for men wearing scents made for women and vice versa. But at least make this one unisex. Because it’s just not overtly “masculine” by industry standards and the reviews agree. Better call this “El/Elle.”
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favorite hit with ladies
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Delightfully delicious
Love this fragrance! Warm, spiced chocolate laced with powdery vanilla...perfectly yum on my skin. Cannot stop smelling my wrists! Wish it lasted longer...
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Didn't Like
My boyfriend really did not like this one.
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Good Perfume
This is a nicely balanced perfume it's not overly feminine nor manly it's perfectly balanced and I love it.
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