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Arquiste reviews
Aligns perfectly with my scent preferences, I always where Gucci Bamboo
Smells like man earth and heaven combined!!!
One of my favorite scents I’ve ever received. Smells SO good. Calming, manly, earthy, and not too strong. It really does smell like the beach. Love!
Lovely wet earthy smell, if you’re into that!
i love this one so much. it’s a bit more coconutty than expected but it smells so good- fresh and sweet- i always get compliments when i wear this one
Did not get beach or anything close
Felt like it was almost sweet and floral. It did kit last long on the skin and did not give me any of the notes I was expecting
My favorite
My favorite I have received!
Gave me a painful headache
All I could smell was the musky overall scent. I did give it to my mom and she loves it.
Sandalwood & Beachy
This is definitely a nice summery fragrance, very “Australian” and strong on the sandalwood. Reminds me of Australian gold tanning oil.
Definitely a more masculine scent for a woman but I love it! It is a little bit spicy but mostly aquatic. I love it! I live by the beach and think it fits in so well.
True to name
The notes are fairly accurate in describing how this perfume develops. The salty, mineralic accord definitely comes across, so those looking for an atmospheric seaside perfume, this is it. Not floral or fruity, rather on the dry side.
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