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Anna Sui reviews
"Sky" doesn't even make it over the clouds
This perfume smells good, it's a light scent almost smells like baby powder but it doesn't last long. it doesn't even stand up to 8 hours at a mostly sedentary job. The smell doesn't linger on my clothes much either...i liked the scent but am disappointed in that.
Still confused
The smell is quite strong at first the simmer down after a while and it lasts a long time.
does smell good just could hardly smell it doesn't last long at all
Smells great!
Long lasting… at times I thought it wore off but still would get a subtle scent
I liked that it was fruity without being too sweet
Not my favorite
Not great
It was just to strong for me but it smells good just a little to strong!
Strong scent
Its a really strong scent and it lingers for awhile i didnt get very manh compliments on it but i still liked the scent
Love it
It definitely does not disappoint! I love the scent
Nice scent
Nice light scent. Not too overpowering but a little sweet for my taste.
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