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Amouage reviews
Didn’t like the smell
I like sweeter smells and it was vary musky
Loved the smell
Smell like is for a man
I didn’t like the smell at all is too strong and gives me a headache is more like for man
Beach hut
Beautiful summer scent
Quieres oler bien y diferente esta es ideal., con la complejidad exquisita de su categoria nicho
Loved it.
is not good scent for me
did not love, not a good scent on. me
did not like
at first it was ok the dry down I didn't like at all. This was just not for me
Love this!
This fragrance smells better than the description! I sprayed it on and could feel the salt spray of the ocean and the warm sand beneath my feet. I love it and will be purchasing a bottle. My only problem with it is that it doesn't last very long unless you spray 5-6 sprays. But it is worth it!
The smell quickly filled the room, even a tiny spritz was overpowering. i hated that scent so much, instant headache, so strong it was all i could taste

Popular Amouage Colognes

For the true cologne connoisseur, the name Amouage should come as no surprise. Amouage cologne is the definitive masculine cologne statement, and the best Amouage colognes combine power, strength, and a deep confidence that is difficult to match in men’s fragrances.

But simply reading about Amouage cologne in an online review, or in a magazine does one no favors. This is a fragrance house that must be experienced in-depth to understand, and it’s not meant for moments in your life when you’re distracted or just out for a casual evening. Amouage cologne is deep, complex, and artfully made and deserves the finest moments from your wardrobe and your way through the world.

Only the finest, and most expensive essential oils make their way into Amouage colognes, and the longevity and performance present is legendary. This is a line to respect, and go easy with – one spray is more than enough for any occasion, and most likely will retain its scent trail into the next day.

And, as with any ultra-luxurious accessory, Amouage is not for the faint of heart in price. However, Scentbird.com includes the best Amouage colognes available today for a very accessible subscription rate of only $14.95 a month, for a generous, multi-use, 30-day sample size of this trend-setting fragrance.

Scentbird.com fragrance subscriptions are infinitely customizable – our catalog of over 450 designer, niche, and indie scents can be tailored to your lifestyle at the click of a button and delivered to your door instantly. We take scent as seriously as you do, and keep our subscription rate accessible to any budget, for the opportunity to experience Amouage cologne is one every true fragrance lover should have at least once in their lives. We hope you find these colognes as richly satisfying as we do.

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