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Acqua di Parma reviews
so delicate
ok.... I love this perfume, its floral, delicate and smells so heavenly..... I am buying a large bottle of this <3
Love it
My favorite rose scent so far.
Loved scent
This smelled so nice. Not over powering just a clean smell!
Too strong
Too strong for my liking, I just wouldn't wear it everyday
Fresh and citrusy
Reminds me of bath and body works white citrus.. Over all not bad i like it
I was not expecting that smell. When I first spray it on, it smells just like cream soda. But once it mixes with my body chemistry, it has more of a warm vanilla scent. I usually go for fruitier scents, but I do like this one to mix it up.
Very unisex, didn’t even know it was cologne!!
I really do enjoy this scent and feel it belongs in the unisex category instead of men’s cologne. It’s very fresh and not at all heavy. I do wish the scent had better staying power
Not a fan
This says unisex but as a female, I am not a fan and I’m not even sure any of my friends or mom would like this. To me, it’s smells clearly masculine and almost like aftershave. Like a modern version of the Old Spice my grandpa wore. Not sure who to give this one to really. A bit too old for my hubby……not even sure my dad would like this. 🤷🏻‍♀️
not very strong. no one smelled it
Truly, the best description for this is a nice, boozy, day-excursion on a yacht. It's fresh, it's wealthy, and it smells green. One star pulled off for smelling a little like celery (only a LITTLE though please don't let that influence your decision too much). Certainly not a thing I'd wear everyday or pick as a signature scent, but it's a great pick if I need to live in my yachting fantasy for a little.
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