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Abercrombie & Fitch reviews
loved instantly
both of my boys loved this at first smell!
Good Sportier scent to wear to afterwork chill hangouts
Really like the zesty scent
First try, often recomended in top fragrances. They do not lie. Love it. just strong enough, zesty-ish but with other fragrances that dont make you smell like an lemon.
Love the smell and it lasted long
cheap and commercial
Imagine five 21 year old “bros”, on spring break, in Cancun…..there you go- Fierce.
good times
my wife said it brought back great memories 19 years ago when we got together. what a wonderful experience that night..
Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce
Like this one as well.
What you’d expect
Very Familiar scent
Even though it is such a popular/familiar scent it is still a great fragrance choice for the Office for a Date for the Gym not too over powering when you put this on after showing it gives it that extra Clean smell/feel
Younger scent
Smelled like a mall fragrance. Good for a younger guy like late teens early 20s
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