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I wore this on one of those transitional September days (not to warm, not quite cool). It was perfect with my chemistry. An unexpected surprise, a vial forgotten and thankfully rediscovered.
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oh my.
this has been one of my favs so far. Wish I could order it AGAIN
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Didn't Like it
It Smells bad
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Good fragrance 🥰
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Baby powder in a bottle
I imagine walking in a babies room... cute and powdery but not for me.
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Love it
I absolutely love Élisire its one of my favorites, and the scent is soo good.
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Get This One!
Delishly Sexy Scent!
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Warm and Cozy
I fell in love with this at first spray. It is very warm and cozy, like borrowing a big flannel shirt and just curling up on the sofa in a fuzzy blanket to read. I can see why it isn't for every one. Out of the bottle it smells very heavily of patchouli. However once I spray it on myself it develops into something that just smells like liquid warm sunshine on a winter day in the desert. It is slightly spicy, but the amber and resin are the predominant notes. I will also note this lasts forever. I've sprayed it on a shirt and could smell it for literal days.
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Really good choice
The scent is pleasing and long-lasting
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The smell is great.
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